I am the Director of Instructional Labs in the Physic Department at Duquesne University. I personally teach the first-year physics labs for science and biomedical engineering majors. I also teach the advanced labs for physics majors, optic lab and modern physics lab.

From January 2010 to May 2014 I taught at the small private college Nyack College. I taught physical science general education courses: astronomy, physics, physical science for education majors, and acoustics for music majors.  I taughtat both the Rockland County, NY and the Manhattan, NY campuses. Before that I taught 10 years at a small private college in rural northern California, Simpson University.

In the summer of 2012 I took a workshop in Modeling Instruction that radically changed my teaching. I had read and tried different strategies to implement active learning in the classroom, but I was never satisfied. But that summer, things really clicked and made sense. I think that was in part because Modeling Instruction is a solidly based pedagogy, and in part the workshop makes you be the student. In addition the workshop involves a lot of reading about the philosophy and educational research behind Modeling Instruction.

Modeling Instruction takes time to learn how to implement. At the present (Spring 2015) I am working on implementing modeling-based curriculum into the lab curriculum. I find it is rewarding to me because I see the students learning the concepts better, and the students are very engaged and motivated.

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